Games for Elementary Music

Hi there, Teacher Warriors!

If you're reading this blog post, it means that you are surviving the teaching world in this pandemic! With circumstances constantly changing, I know it keeps us on our toes!

How many of you are like me and are constantly searching for music activities that will keep both your remote learners and in-person learners engaged? The struggle to keep students engaged in every environment has been REAL this year! And then there is the challenge of keeping absent students on track as well! Most of the time it takes twice the prep work to keep everyone in every circumstance on track!

I’ve noticed that my own students are more excited and motivated when I turn their learning objectives into interactive games! I do this for almost every objective, and my students don’t even realize they’re learning or mastering the skill! They just know that they’re having fun, and consequently they ask to play these games again and again! Nothing makes me happier as a teacher than to hear my students ask for more music activities!

Creating interactive games actually saves some planning time as well! I can assign them to students in Google Classroom for individual practice or assessment, and I can use them as whole-class activities as well! Whether you would like your students to learn independently or as a unified body, interactive music games will save the day (and your sanity) without a doubt!

I know that creating interactive games like this can be taxing on your time and creativity, so I have good news for you! I’ve done the work FOR you! I have a variety of rhythm games for elementary music all ready to go in my TPT shop, including this one called “Cold Note Creamery!” It is a Level 1 rhythm addition game, and Levels 2 and 3 are coming soon! Let your students spend a day as a cashier in the Cold Note Creamery while they add up the note values in each customer’s ice cream order! Your students are sure to have a blast!

Be sure to click one of the images above to head over to my TPT store and download this game for your students today!

No matter what you do though, always keep smiling!