Spring is for Distance Learning


Spring is for Distance Learning......or at least it is this spring! May is just about here, and that's usually when things get exciting for us teachers. All of the end-of-the-school year activities like talent shows, music programs, band concerts, choir concerts, and field trips can sometimes be a little stressful but we usually make it through because we know summer is just one month away! This year, things are a lot different for us though. The talent shows, music programs, band concerts, choir concerts, and field trips have all been cancelled. Our favorite musicians (our students) can't come to school because it's unsafe, and we've been left to teach them from a distance.

Wow! How in the world do you teach music from a distance? Music?! It's a good thing teachers are life-long learners, because we're all learning how to do something new yet again! I hope by now your teacher-spirit has taken over and some creative distance-learning ideas have begun to take shape for you! If that hasn't happened for you yet, just remember: You CAN do this!! Teachers are professional adapters! I know you've built up some resilience from teaching in the classroom.....do I need to remind you about the time your principal walked in for a surprise evaluation while your technology had magically stopped working (just at that very moment)? Yeah, that time! Or the time a classroom teacher was 15 minutes late picking up their students from Music? And the next class was already there and that teacher deserved a full prep-period so you had two classes of students in the music room at once? Yeah, that time! Or the time a co-worker woke up sick and a substitute didn't pick up the job so you were asked to go cover her class on your morning prep-period? And you still had some copies to make for YOUR classes coming in that day because the copy machine was broken when you tried to run them in advance? Yeah, that time! You handled it like a pro! And do you know what? I believe this distance learning thing will be no exception to your awesomeness!

If you're not already, you're about to ROCK this distance learning thing! Because YOU have what it takes, my friend! YOU are enough! Stand in front of the mirror and say it with me: I. Am. Enough! Yes, you most certainly are! And so much more!

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Continue being your amazing selves, Music Teachers! You can do this! WE can do this!

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Happy Teaching!